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Natural Approaches to Common Medical Conditions

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD)

Symptoms Not easily defined but typically there is constant movement, impulsivity, difficulty focusing. May include uncoordinated fine motor movements, perception difficulties and aggressive behaviour.

Causes Sensitivity to certain food additives, environmental allergens and nutrient deficiencies. Genetics may play a role.

Natural Considerations

Back Pain

Symptoms Various types of pain along the spinal column and associated muscles.

Causes Poor posture, incorrect lifting, organic problems such as gallstones or cysts.

Natural Considerations



Symptoms Not easily defined but typically there is a dissatisfied mood, weight changes or insomnia. May include psychomotor agitation, self-reproach or repeated negative thoughts.

Causes Variable but can include: sensitivity to certain life stressors, nutrient deficiencies, alcoholism, drug-induced or chronic pain.

Natural Considerations


Symptoms Being toxic can be associated with other problems such as headaches, fatigue, indigestion, constipation or poor coordination.

Causes Toxins in the air, food and water accumulate and leads to an overload on organ systems such as the liver, intestines and kidneys.

Natural Considerations

Hay Fever/Allergic Rhinitis

Symptoms Runny, itchy eyes and nose, severe sneezing, difficulty breathing and sometimes a tickly throat.

Causes The immune system reacts to a grain of pollen or grass causing a release of chemicals, including histamine, to defend the body.

Natural Considerations


Symptoms Difficulty falling asleep and/or frequent awakenings with difficulty falling back asleep.

Causes A number of factors such as, anxiety or tension, environmental changes, sleep apnea, hypoglycemia, pain or discomfort, shift-work.

Natural Considerations

Menopause (women from 35-55 years)

Symptoms Hot flashes, vaginal dryness, aches and pains, self-esteem issues, night sweats, anxiety, bone loss.

Causes Reduction of estrogen and progesterone production. There may be also adrenal exhaustion and thyroid issues.

Natural Considerations

Sore Throat

Symptoms The typical start of the common cold is a sore throat.

Natural Consideration in Hydrotherapy

Weight Gain

Symptoms Clothes too tight, feeling sluggish, increased body fat percentage.

Causes Imbalance in body’s metabolism of fats and sugars, disturbances of the brain’s appetite mechanism, overeating, thyroid problems.

Natural Considerations

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